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It's all about YOU
After you sign up you’ll take an in-depth online guitar assessment called 'GuitarMetrics' so we can learn about YOU and YOUR musical story. 

Your favourite bands and artists, your favourite musical genres, your current musical skill and ability level, your goals, your areas of strength and weakness as a guitarist. 

Then you’ll get your unique personalised guitar tuition plan that is perfectly tailored to YOU.

We will target your weak areas (the ‘blind spots’ you have as a guitarist - we all have them!) to make sure you don’t have anything holding you back.

Join us today and try National Guitar Academy membership FREE for 7-days.
Peace of mind
Relax and enjoy your guitar journey, safe in the knowledge that you are in the hands of professional guitar teaching experts who have seen it all and heard it all. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Say goodbye to difficult, confusing and expensive guitar lessons. 
Say hello to simplicity, progress, fun and the joy of music.
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How the guitar world fits together
We divide the guitar world into 4 quarters: 
Chords | Rhythm & Strumming | Lead guitar | Theory

We have a ‘master’ course for each of these areas and they are the heart of your video library. 

> ChordMaster will give you fast chord changes and crisp & musical chords.

> RhythmMaster will show you how to strum your guitar with rhythm, beat, energy, variety & flow.

> LeadMaster will show you how to play incredible lead guitar (riffs, licks, scales, solos all that fun stuff).

> TheoryMaster will teach you clear & simple music theory for guitarists (so you understand what’s happening on the fretboard).

How the guitar world fits together

Here are the FREE bonus gifts you get when you join LeadMaster today...
FREE Bonus Gift #1
Bonus Mini-Course: Lead Guitar Improvisation Masterclass
Boom! In this Video Masterclass Mike and Jack guide you through 5 REAL musical improvisation scenarios. We’re going deep! You get to see the LeadMaster techniques being applied in real situations. 
 The jamming and discussion in these videos covers a lot of ground. We discuss keys, pentatonic licks, solo skills, how to create ‘mood’, using root notes for plotting, how to phrase & garnish notes, using triads to compliment chord tones, defining keys & using intervals for guitar black magic!
Value: $49.99
You pay: $0.00 FREE 
FREE Bonus Gift #2
Bonus VIP Download: '30 Essential Licks and Riffs Every Guitarist Must Know'
In this bonus download, we share our 30 favourite licks and riffs. They are tabbed clearly for your convenience and will give you a repertoire of riffs you can use immediately
This is really cool and PACKED with useful licks & riffs for both beginners and intermediate players. If you want to upgrade your lead guitar skills and sound more polished and musical you will love this bonus VIP download!
Value: $19.99
You pay: $0.00
FREE Bonus Gift #3
Bonus VIP Download: 'The ULTIMATE Lead Guitar Cheat Sheet - The 7 insider secrets that will set your riffs, licks and solos on fire'
Did you know that there are 7 quick and easy tips that will INSTANTLY make your lead guitar playing sound more expressive and sophisticated?
In this epic bonus pack, we share our 7 best lead guitar secrets. These simple tricks will set your riffs, licks and solos on fire and make you sound more musical instantly. They also improve your lead guitar technique and flair.
(In short: it's lots of fun!)
Value: $39.99
You pay: $0.00 FREE
FREE Bonus Gift #4
Lifetime access to the secret National Guitar Academy VIP Facebook Group
As a student in the National Guitar Academy you will gain access to our 'VIP Facebook Group', where you can chat and collaborate with other guitar learners and also get additional guidance and support from our team.
Value: $240.00 per year ($20 per month)
You pay: $0.00 FREE
FREE Bonus Gift #5
Lifetime updates to LeadMaster
As time goes by technology changes and evolves, and the guitar world does too. But you won't have to worry as we've got your back! 

You will receive FREE LeadMaster course updates and lifetime access to ensure you stay fully up-to-date.
Value: $197.00 per year (1-year license to access our software)
You pay: $0.00 FREE
1. Chords - What's included?
Beginner level:
  • Change chords quickly & smoothly... With FLUIDITY
  • Make your chords sound crisp and accurate
  • Improve your finger accuracy and stop touching unwanted strings
  • Add ‘embellishments’ to your chords to play with more flair. Learn notes and tricks you can add “in-between” chords to sound more musical.
  • Eliminate 'string buzz' and stop deadening unwanted strings
Intermediate level:
  • Play barre chords in a sharp & clean way without deadening unwanted strings.  
  • Understand and USE the powerful CAGED system framework to explore the entire fretboard
  • Master moveable chord shapes like major 7, minor 7 and dominant 7’s. 
  • Unlock the ‘DNA’ of the guitar neck with powerful key-based techniques. 
  • Understand chord theory and chord construction for EVERY chord type.
  • Master moveable advanced chord shapes like diminished, augmented, m7b5, major 9, dominant 9, minor 9, dominant 11’s and 13’s and inversions.
Our chords course is called 'ChordMaster'. Click here to see exactly what's inside the course.
2. Rhythm & Strumming - What's included?
Beginner level:
Intermediate level:
  • Apply strumming tricks and rhythms you can add “in-between” chords and standard strumming to sound more musical.
  • Make your barre chords sound more colourful and textured.
  • Explore the shapes of the CAGED system to develop NEW sounds and strumming options.
  • Explore 'guitar hero' strumming techniques like partial strumming and percussive strumming to radically enhance your musicality.
  • Develop fingerpicking skills and learn classic fingerpicking patterns you can use for any song
Our strumming course is called 'RhythmMaster'. Click here to see exactly what's inside the course.
3. Lead guitar - What's included?
  • Lead guitar basics (knowing which notes work with one another)
  • Playing lead with fluidity (connecting and linking scales, riffs and phrases)
  • Creating amazing solos (with cool intros and endings)
  • Improvising effortlessly (in all genres)
  • Using scales correctly (knowing what works with what, major vs minor etc)
  • How to practice effectively (to improve as quickly as possible)
  • Avoiding frustration (& fatigue)
  • Having perfect lead guitar technique (finger and pick placement)
  • Beating common lead guitar problems (big fingers / arthritis / strings breaking / strings buzzing etc)
Our lead guitar course is called 'LeadMaster'. Click here to see exactly what's inside the course
4. Theory - What's included?
Novice guitarists will learn:
  • Why Music Theory Matters So Much (PS, it's EASY!)
  • HOW the fretboard works and WHY
  • The musical alphabet (‘sharps’ vs ‘flats’ etc), music theory vs guitar theory.
  • What are KEYS, why do they matter and how do we use them?
  • What are SCALES, why do they matter and how do we use them?
  • How To Learn Lead Guitar TWICE AS FAST Using Relative Keys
  • What Are Intervals? 
Intermediate guitarists will learn about:
  • The Theory of The Major Scale & How Major Scale Notes 'Become' The Chords Of The Key
  • The Theory of The Minor Scale & How Minor Scale Notes 'Become' The Chords Of The Key
  • How To Easily Work Out The Chords In A Key
  • How To Work Out The Key of A Song?
  • What Guitar Keys Should I Learn?
  • Musical keys and their common chord progressions
  • Chord construction
  • Advanced chords (including major and minor 3rd, 6ths, 7ths and diminished)
  • Advanced guitar scales and modes (including Dorian, Mixolydian, Lydian Phrygian and Locrian scales)
Our theory course is called 'TheoryMaster'. Click here to see exactly what's inside the course
Even more courses, videos, downloads and mini-courses
Our 'Master' courses cover chords, rhythm, lead guitar and theory. 

But there's lots of important and fun pieces of the guitar world that don’t fit neatly into any of these four areas. You’ll find all this covered in your video library as standalone courses, videos and mini-courses. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
There are 11 modules in the course. Each module contains between three and twenty six video lectures that you can watch at any time that’s convenient for you. Most lectures are between 5 and 10 minutes long, and they’re all available online.

Jack and I have always got the guitar in our hands and I’m constantly demonstrating with examples. This is a very visual course, it’s very easy to follow. (You will have NO guesswork!) Dozens of the lessons have downloadable PDF's with chordboxes that supplement the main video lesson.

As a LeadMaster student we see you as a 'VIP', so if you ever get stuck, or have a question, you can email us and we'll respond quickly to any questions you may have.

Do I have to show up at a particular place or a particular time?
No, the entire course happens online, and you can take it from any place where you have an internet connection. All lectures are prerecorded so you can watch them at any time that works for you. 

Of course, you can also enjoy all the lectures on your smartphone or tablet.

Do the videos need to be downloaded? Does it take up memory on my computer/phone/tablet?
No. The course is hosted entirely on Vimeo's industry-leading servers. You don’t need to download anything and it won’t take up any memory on your device.
Is the course transferable from one device to another?
Yes. You simply access the course on our website from whatever device you want to use

How much time do I need in order to take this course?
You can spend as much or as little time as you want, and you get lifetime access to all course materials, so there is no reason to complete the course within a certain time period.

You can follow the course at your own pace and always come back to the videos later when you want to revisit the material or work on improving certain aspects of your guitar playing.

Even if the timing is not right for you, I still encourage you to sign up because the registration won’t open again anytime soon (and when it does, the price will almost certainly be higher).
What if I’m not good with technology?
The majority of our students describe themselves as 'not good with technology', so don't worry! Even if you feel like you know nothing about technology, you won’t feel left out.

The course is very easy to navigate and all technical concepts are described in simple terms while avoiding unnecessary jargon, which allows people from all age groups to successfully participate in Leadmaster.

And just in case you get stuck, you can always ask any questions, which will be promptly answered either by me or one of my team members.

Technology should not stand in the way of your creativity!
What if I’m really terrible on guitar?
You don’t need any previous guitar experience to join Leadmaster. All the lectures start from the very beginning while gradually progressing into advanced topics.

The course is specially designed for beginner-to-advanced guitarists. There are no prerequisites and anyone can learn to play the guitar.

Even if you think you have no talent or artistic ability, you’ll be able to play the guitar by applying the specific techniques that you’re going to discover in Leadmaster.

What if I’m already an experienced guitarist?
If you’ve been actively studying guitar for several years, you’re probably going to be familiar with some of the ideas and techniques that are discussed in this course.

With that said, I’ve learned over the years that you can always pick up new things from other guitarists. Always. There’s always a lick, riff, springboard, idea or concept that you can take and implement into your own playing.

If you’re worried that you might already know everything we teach in this course, I encourage you to sign up, go through some of the modules, and ask for a refund if you’re not learning new things.

In my experience, no matter how much experience you already have, there are always more things to learn!

Does it make any difference if I have an acoustic or electric guitar?
It makes no difference at all. Guitar is guitar. We encourage all our students to take an interest in BOTH.

You are not a well rounded guitarist unless you play both. Why only experience half of the joy of guitar? Play acoustically and amplified!

What if I don’t have a guitar?
Beg, borrow, steal… Do whatcha have to do to get one! (You can’t learn guitar without playing guitar.)
Why is the price in US dollars? How much does the course cost in British pounds?
The majority of our students are in the US so that’s why we price in dollars.

The USD dollar v GBP pound exchange rate changes frequently. To see how much LeadMaster costs in pounds based on today’s exchange rate Google it. (Or click here.)

How does the money back guarantee work?
It's simple. If you want to request a refund, send an email to within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

We can only afford to offer this cast-iron guarantee because we know people will love this course!

Is it safe to pay by credit card online?
Your security and privacy are important to us. We use industry-standard encryption to protect your credit card details throughout the checkout process, your information is never shared with anyone and we don't see your credit card details. (The entire process is handled by Stripe who are a global leader in online payments.)

And of course, you’re also protected by our generous 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

How can I contact you?
You can email us at or via our contact page which is here.

Are you on Facebook?
Yes. Our facebook page is here 

My question isn’t listed here!
No worries, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.
What people say about NGA membership
Real comments from our AMAZING students! 🤩

"I simply can't say enough about the world that has opened up to me since joining the NGA membership. I learned more from their program in the first week than I did in the previous year! 

It has given me a sense of direction and a development plan tailored to where I currently am and where I want to go. I wholeheartedly recommend it."
-Mark Herbst

"The NGA team have gone above and beyond in providing value with all things guitar and music. I love every facet of it, including the guitar metrics assessment, the weekly live-streams, the campus forum, and access to all the lessons. 

It's an incredibly rich and comprehensive learning environment and everything is easily accessible. 

The NGA team is so generous with their time and responses. Really feeling the love! 😍 It's brilliant! Thank you so much.

I would recommend the program to anyone interested in increasing their guitar and music skills in a warm and supportive environment."
-Shawna Barlow

"As a learner I'd been struggling lately to organise and motivate myself to practice and learn effectively. There's so much content out there online from many sources, but none of it quite seems to pull it altogether or offer any extra support.

The NGA membership has been a transformational step for me though. 

The extensive and growing collection of resources to help you learn, combined with the support and tools available for you personally, makes a terrific combination.

I've definitely got my mojo back and my playing time and skills enhanced since joining up."
-Eddie Grummett

"I really like how comprehensive the material is - there's a course for everything, and I like that it's all produced by the same team. There's no need to spend time working out whether to trust the tutor, because you already know you can. 

And I love the forum: when I post, and get an answer, it's like a door opening to a real classroom, with a real person there to respond. 

It's a place to have the conversations that you need to make progress, but wouldn't get anywhere else (and it's so much easier to navigate than a Facebook group etc)."
-Christine Parkinson

"My experience with NGA Membership has been beneficial and enjoyable. I find the NGA instructors and team to be cheerful, genuine, and sincere in their efforts to help members improve. 

This positive and supportive expertise comes through in video instruction and livestreams and carries forward with interactions amongst participants in the membership forum. 

The Guitar Metrics component is unique to NGA. This assessment tool has helped identify strengths to build up further, weakness to work upon, and areas of guitar playing to aspire towards. 

Post assessment, I worked through the Rhythm Master Course and am practicing integrating a more dynamic percussive feel to my playing. 

Guitar learning is a long lifelong journey. Having guidance from skillful humble musicians with a knack for teaching just adds to the joy of that journey."
-Tim Hendrixson

"Mike and the NGA crew have reached the gold standard when it comes to guitar instruction. Have been around since the beginning and the programs get better and better with each release. 

The membership is so much fun and more comprehensive than any other instructional program available. SIGN UP NOW."
-William Quaintance

"After trying to learn how to play the guitar several times when I was younger I had thought it was a lost cause until I found a few videos on-line by NGA

Just the few videos I found made a large enough difference in my abilities to justify joining them. I'm thrilled with the results. 

Now I regularly play along with songs that I've enjoyed all my life and my progress is constant.

I can't even begin to describe the satisfaction I've already gotten with their help and they continue to give me the tools to progress.

They have a lot of courses for anyone regardless of their ability level for Chords, Barre Chords, Music Theory, Lead... and the list goes on... and it's still growing. 

The forum is a great place to ask questions and help motivate yourself in the company of like minded and helpful people and instructors.

Perhaps more important to me than anything else, I sincerely feel like they care about my growth as a guitarist and want me to succeed.

If you want to learn or become more proficient, I'd highly recommend that you give NGA a chance to help you learn and/or improve your skill level with the guitar."
-James Sarris, Virginia, USA

"I will always be eternally grateful to NGA staff for their help and guidance which has helped me to achieve a dream I have held for years.

I always wanted to play guitar and I tried several times and for whatever reason never made it. I found the National Guitar Academy approximately eighteen months ago and decided to try again.

I bought some courses and if I asked for help always received a prompt reply. As a result, I can finally say "I can play a guitar".

I joined the National Guitar Academy membership scheme which gave me access to all their courses and with their assessment realised I could do better. I am now achieving goals I never thought possible.

I would recommend the National Guitar Academy to anyone who is serious about learning guitar and will guarantee that if you join the membership scheme you will be playing a guitar."
-Peter Nicol

"I work nights and the NGA membership lets me have access to website 24 hours a day so I can practice outside normal hours. I have learned chords and strumming at my own pace and this has this has helped me tremendouslyThank you."
-Andrew Buchan

"NGA membership has offered me a fantastic chance to follow courses at my level, to revisit some of the really great lessons on lead, rhythm and chords and to study new courses such as music theory (for guitarists) and includes the wonderful short course on song writing. 

By completing questionnaires and receiving personalised learning plans I have identified areas where I can progress. An example is in playing lead guitar mixed with chord playing. 

Although I am not great at interacting with forums, I follow relevant discussions and appreciate being a member of a community of like-minded folk."
-Roger Homyer

"I'm a 60 year ok guy whose always wanted to learn how to play the guitar since his teens. I purchased books and watched other multimedia platforms and got to the point where I didn't know how to move forward and was not sure if I was doing it right...

I stumbled across the NGA site by accident and thought I'd try it out. I have to say it was a fantastic find.

I found the videos were structured and in small enough bite sizes to help keep me interested but also able to learn in manageable steps. This was fantastic for me as I could pick up in between my work and chores. 

As I improved, I then wanted to become a more rounded player able to perform in front of family and step out at open mic nights. Well I've not been disappointed so far and I'm progressing well, so much so I've bought another guitar 🤠.

The monthly subscription is far more cost effective and more convenient than trying to find a tutor to suit your life style. I've got friends that have paid a small fortune and only learnt three open chords!!

I found the experience and enthusiasm of the NGA tutors very good and helps keeps you positive when learning...

The live streaming sessions are also nice way to meet other students and to ask questions about anything you don't understand... In fact this membership is overwhelmingly good!

I'd definitely recommend anyone giving this training a go.. It suited me and helped me build confidence and ability to stand out from the crowd."
-Andrew Sanderson

"I have always enjoyed NGA courses and appreciate the relaxed, self-paced approach to learning the guitar. 

As a busy mom, I don't have time for formal guitar lessons and life always gets in the way. The membership program is great for me, because I can pick and choose from a variety of techniques whenever I want and tailor them to my learning style and schedule. 

The livestreams have also been great for asking nagging questions and picking up helpful tips, even from other members! There is a lot of great value in this program for a fraction of the price (and time!) of in-person guitar lessons."
-Amy Butcher

"I would definitely recommend NGA membership to my friends. I love the way information is presented, easy to understand and the quality of the pic and sound are great. 

I love that any question I had was answered almost immediately, it's giving me the personal connection I was looking for on the online platform.

I improved my "big picture" understanding of the guitar because all of the different courses that available like theory, chords, rhythm etc... 

I'm finally practicing with a clear path. Leaving frustration behind. Thank you! 

You did your part now I need to do my part and practice!"
-Lior Levi

"I've been an NGA member for quite some time. The lessons and community atmosphere is a great place for fellow guitarists of all levels to connect and share experiences. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to connect, learn and have fun along their guitar journey!!"
-Robin Lessard

"A lot of hard work has clearly been put into the membership by Mike and others and it is paying off. 

The presentations are very clear and professional and they make many aspects of learning the guitar, no matter what level you are an enjoyable and stimulating process.

I have learnt a lot about lead guitar and blues guitar music which I am particularly interested in. The website is excellent and suits all standards. 

I would have no hesitation from encouraging guitarists from any where in the world to joining and having NGA membership."
-Rick Turner

"Really enjoying the NGA membership program, there's a huge amount of information in there and I still have a lot to learn. I like the conversational style and depth of knowledge Mike and Jack have. Good value too.

Very impressed with the Music Theory and Chordmaster sections that I've been working on, the stepping stone chords are so useful, and I'm seeing progress with moving around the fretboard, and feel more competent. Thank you!

40 years ago I started on Classical guitar, but piano took over so I never really learned chords or strumming, but last year I was looking for a new challenge (Let's face it - Knit and Natter doesn't match up to a good powerchord 🙂)

Wishing you every success with the membership!"
-Denise Keable

"The membership is well organized and fun to be a part of. I really enjoy the live-stream with all the Q&A. 

I have really been fortunate to have come across NGA on social media and will continue to be a member. Mike and the rest of the team are truly the best!" 😊
-Robert Kelly

"I thoroughly recommend the NGA membership to anyone who wants to improve their guitar playing. The video lessons are both instructive and entertaining, there are hundreds of them in a massive range of guitar subjects. To my amazement I have just played my first chord progression using Barre Chords thanks to the NGA team. Join and enjoy."
-Roger Haworth

"I joined the NGA membership program after having done quite a few free lessons by Mike that enhanced my guitar playing. 

The lessons are clear, precise and in small enough pieces to allow any guitar player - from beginners to more advanced students - to make major achievements in their guitar journey.

The membership program has been a super experience for me. Firstly, the Guitar Metrics evaluation system which gave me an accurate assessment of my current level and a pathway to continue to advance. 

However, the most impressive part of the program is the interaction in the forum in which Mike, Adam and the other team members are active and give personal advice and inspiration. 

Add to that the weekly live sessions and this is the closest that you can get to have a one-on-one teaching experience."
-Shulamit Dembs 

"I would recommend NGA membership to anyone that is involved with playing guitar. I also like that A LOT more information and examples are available than the past with only buying particular courses. 

The subscription helped me most to keep in the game for the long run. 

NGA is so patient that it meets my unorthodox style and schedule. I know I am improving and learning with NGA. Thank you."
-David Hawkins

"I venture at my own pace on a subject that I want to practice and enjoy being able to ask any question that I don't understand via the live-stream or forum.

Unfortunately I'm traveling a lot these days so can't always participate on the live-stream, but being able to view the livestream recording afterwards is brilliant.

Mike's sense of humour and ability to take the complex of a subject and reduce it to the simplest form. That's what a great instructor is. 

I'm like an octopus, too many fingers in to many subject at the same time, Chords, Lead, Strumming, Fingerpicking, Etc. But hey that's not your problem, its mine!"
-Ray Poulin

"I can highly recommend NGA having been with them since December 2020. I believe in Mike and his team. They take you step by step to enjoying learn and playing the guitar I haven't been disappointed and if I have a question, they are there. Good solid teaching. 

I was 16 and self taught-all I knew was G-D-C and how to strum down. My guitar sat for years. What could I do? I couldn't afford one-on-one lessons. Fast forward to a 72 year old lady and in the past 3 years thanks to NGA, I am playing in jams, playing in nursing homes, and enjoying my quiet evenings at the computer with my guitar in hand and NGA."
-Jan Powell

"It is a unique platform where you get to know the fundamentals from the simple to the profound! It has given me the A to Z of guitar techniques I did not know existed! Most of the tips are practical and easy to follow. 

Personally I have transformed myself , from a pessimist to an optimist! Now I tell myself ' Yes , I can'. Thank you for this opportunity."
-Iris Rajiva

"The personalised analysis with Guitar Metrics is great, it really helps in working out how to move forward."
-Nick White

"I highly recommend that people become a NGA member. I have enjoyed exploring the NGA courses, tutorials, and countless videos. 

These educational tools cover many musical styles / genres. I know a lot of blues but I want to explore these other genres.

The NGA Forum gives advice and wisdom from other members which I find motivational."
-Craig Ewinger

"NGA provide loads of excellent, free material on their website without any need to register. This convinced me to invest in a number of courses already made available, and I can attest to their quality.

The courses I have used are tailored to beginners and intermediate guitarists (and there are also others beyond me yet). They have been well paced, not too technical nor full of jargon, so are easy to understand. The tutors have a relaxed manner that helps make learning easier and never a chore.

So, when the membership was announced, such was my confidence, I immediately signed up. There are now even more courses available at a much lower cost through a reasonably priced subscription service.

I would recommend signing up & trying them for as long or as short a period as you feel necessary. You can't lose."
-Stuart Reed

"The courses are split into an easy-to-digest format which are thorough and informative. The NGA team do a great job in making it easy to understand with fantastic tips to really propel your playing from the start.

I like the fact that all the courses are there at a press of a button so you can take each step at your own pace.

I think the GuitarMetrics is a brilliant idea which really makes you assess the level that your at and where you want to be.

The community campus forum is a great place to connect with all the other members and a great way chat to other like minded learners/players.

All in all I think you would be hard pressed to find anything like this anywhere on the internet that is so in depth with all aspects of learning and playing."
-Stuart Swailes

"I consider NGA to be one of the most authoritative sources for "real world" help on the guitar. 

The content is obviously created by seasoned professionals. The membership has given me access to almost more material than I can digest. It's like drinking from a fire hose. I wish I could spend more time at it. Each session I participate in, I learn something new. 

The GuitarMetrics program gives me a simple list of next steps I can use to improve. It is a good motivator, and that is what I need most right now. NGA has helped me a lot over the years."
-Tom Parsoneault

"There's so many great tips (I no longer practice sitting on my sofa and I trashed the thumb pick). The videos are easy to follow. What's even better is the feedback from the NGA guys AND the questions seem dumb.

It's soooo nice having others to play with and to address my concerns regarding my slow progress (senior citizen with a couple of crooked fingers on the left hand). I can hardly wait for the live-streams!"
-Camille Butts

"I've been with NGA since 2021 and they have not failed in providing much more than I paid for. The NGA membership is totally amazing. I love the access to so many classes, the zoom live streams, and quick, helpful responses. Sooo worth it."
-Monica Manning

"If you need an analysis of your guitar playing and a helpful guide to improve this is the way to go. You can access several excellent tutorials which would otherwise be very expensive. Its a no brainer."
-Barry Cookson

"I was in the dreaded plateau. Drifting through on-line guitar lessons, not getting off open chords, it was all getting a bit boring...

I had dipped into NGA occasionally via free lessons but then I saw your offer to sign up for the membership. Its all been a great help - I'm working through 3 courses at the same time and am learning all kinds of new stuff and am now really enjoying my guitar and music generally. 

I've used the song sheets from the song library, the guitar metrics tool and asked a few questions when I've got stuck. I need to start watching your livestreams too. 

I'd definitely recommend NGA to others - the range of other guitar sites is bewildering so just go straight to NGA."
-John Seaton

"Being a retired and longtime drummer who always wanted to learn the guitar, I always hesitated to start, not knowing where to begin and being sure it was too late for me. 

After trying multiple internet programs, I finally came across the NGA program. Not only did you succeed in convincing me it was not too late to learn but that it was fun and within my grasp. 

What I want in a teacher is someone who has the rare ability to make the information accessible to all and who wants to plainly explain the principles involved in guitar playing and not only to show off is one ability. The NGA tutors have those exact qualities and for that reason only I highly recommend the NGA program to anyone who seriously wants to learn and progress in guitar playing, regardless of their personal ability. Everything else in the membership is a bonus!"
-Claude Lalonde

"Reading the forum threads and comments reinforces the sense of knowing that I'm not the only one struggling with technique. All the hints and tips from the NGA team and other members have come in handy. Very helpful."
-Robert Birchall

"I have been playing the guitar for nearly 60 years. I took some classical lessons (2 years) when I first started but none since then. I learned to fingerpick on my own but since getting my NGA membership I am steadily improving. 

There were many things that I did not know and your videos have been easy to follow and most certainly informative. I have just recently retired (I am 75) and wanted to spend more time with my guitar and banjo."
-Bryan Kolb

"I really like the low monthly payment. It allows me to access all the training videos without the expensive upfront costs. Great guitar tutorials."
-Bruce Springer

"I like that there's such variety in the videos, so whatever you need help with, it's there. 

I also like that there is an entire community of guitar learners to speak with and exchange experiences with.

My weekly practice time is limited but I have played on off for about 15 years. (self taught)

I decided to start with the basic courses, just to see if I missed something along the way. But soon I will move on to some of the more advanced stuff like LeadMaster (haven't done that much) or maybe even some theory. Thank you for a great program." 😊
-Morten Frost

"The membership materials are comprehensive and well structured and delivered in a style that makes learning interesting and fun. The personal focus provided through the use of individual learning plans differentiates NGA from many of the other options out there. I am pleased to recommend the NGA. 

The NGA Team are genuinely dedicated to helping develop and improve your guitar playing abilities."
-Luke Musgrave

"I would certainly recommend the NGA to other interested parties. From a personal point of view, it has given me structure and a pathway to follow to enable my guitar skills to improve. 

The guitar metrics is a case in point, which enables you to focus on any weak aspects of your guitar playing and to then go ahead and work on improving them, with the emphasis on the fun side of playing, as opposed to it being a chore. 

The NGA team are passionate about passing their knowledge onto others and I am enjoying being on the journey with them."
-Stephen Mitchell

"I started my guitar journey in 2019, after I retired. While I have been getting personal lessons during that time, I also found NGA and purchased two of their courses, which I found to be very helpful. 

So, when NGA offered its new membership program, I jumped on it. Access to the entire NGA course library is a great benefit and I find that the courses and advice provided by Mike and the team at NGA are an excellent complement to my instructor. 

As an example, I have recently been working on finger style with my instructor and find Fingerpicking Secrets to be an excellent complement to what he is teaching."

"I would thoroughly recommend NGA membership. It's available whenever you want it, and the content is excellent. The lessons are easy-to-learn and just the right duration."
-Steve Gray

"The site is well laid out and easy to follow. Great membership for the money."
-William Morrison

"I would certainly recommend NGA membership to others. Whilst I am aware that there are many other providers offering similar membership schemes I think NGA differentiates itself from many of the others by offering a kind of "one stop shop" for guitarists of all levels.

The membership gives you a comprehensive range of tools, really everything you need to try and improve your guitar skills. 

I have particularly liked the range of courses available, which are given in a very user-friendly way that's easy to understand and also the Guitar metrics training plan which has helped me focus on the areas I need to concentrate on to try and push my ability to the next level. 

It is well worth considering, whatever level of guitarist you are!"
-Mike Falcone

"This is a great format for the novice and those who are putting the pieces of the guitar methodology together. The  clear and patient demonstrations aid those who are having that sinking feeling that they are over their head."
-Bruce Rerek

"The NGA membership program is terrific! It offers a wide variety of topics for all levels of learning. The Guitar Metrics guidance program provides a great map as to where we should head next as we move forward with our learning. I highly recommend membership in the new NGA membership program!"
-Rick Berger

"What I appreciate so much about the NGA membership is that it's more than a virtual classroom-it feels more intimate…a lot like the many literal classrooms I've taught in/learned in throughout my life. Every question asked will be answered; every idea shared. And now with the cameras rolling, we learners & instructors are truly all in the same space. I also love that NGA has its own forum (I detest Facebook).

Regarding all the courses, I have dipped into all of them but have completed none of them. 😂 I'm a bit of a grazer when it comes to learning. Being a teacher myself (languages and applied linguistics), I know that I have unique learning styles and strategies & employ the same approaches as I embrace music generally & guitar particularly. (I think I heard Mike express a similar idiosyncrasy-dipping here, dipping there…😉) I can't think of a facet of guitar-learning that the NGA hasn't covered-but then, this school is full of surprises (!)

I couldn't be happier with than I am with the NGA. Looking back over the years, I can't believe I've come so far with a guitar. 

I used to think that you learned a musical instrument when you were young-period. I believed that the following would hinder my learning: my age, my arthritic fingers, and my fear of tackling such a monolithic fine art as Music.

Now I'm certain that anyone of any age can play the guitar-even though since I've started, I've heard it's one of the most difficult instruments to play! 

Just the other day, I saw a lesson hosted by Mike on preparing sore fingers for playing. For a long time now I've been practicing a yoga asana which helps unlock those aching digits-learning more moves can only be a good thing. 

Scariest of all, though, has been overcoming my fear of playing. I used to think, "How will I ever do this? I'll sound terribly even after good lessons!" Well, that fear-endemic to all new players-has been lifted, thanks to the NGA's democratic instructors & instructors. Now-today!-I can pick up that electric guitar and know that all of its secrets are unlocked, forever.

For most of the years I've been playing, I've recorded every practice session so that I could critique myself & learn from my errors-as well as congratulate myself on getting some stuff right. 

Intrinsically, what I've gained most from the NGA is the confidence to carry on. Right from the beginning, I heard what a beginner needs to know: with Mike's Stepping Stone method, I lost my fear of three-fret/four-finger chords. 

Moreover, I finally heard that there's no such thing as one "essential" or "particular" strumming pattern. That used to frustrate me to no end-now I realize I was right all along when I'd simply identify the tempo & keep the beat. That's what I'd heard myself do on my taped sessions, and so to hear the same from Mike validated my own inclinations.

Confidence; validation; inspiration: if I had to choose the 3 most valuable things I've learned through the NGA, here they are.

I've got a long way to go, but just as I embrace all the bumps on the road to my travel destinations, so I accept that, like Rome, a guitarist's journey isn't built in a day.

Stick with the NGA, and you'll never stop learning. You'll never want to." ❤️
-Connie Danniels
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