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Video #1
7 Essential Chord Tips Every Guitarist MUST Know
Video #2
5 Chord Secrets That Move Guitarists To The Next Level
Video #3
Amazing Pro Tips For Chord Mastery (Beginner To Advanced)
Video 1 - "7 Essential Chord Tips Every Guitarist MUST Know"
Chapters & Topics
01:28 - How to have PERFECT guitar technique & posture (step-by-step).
07:42 - How to sound better and make progress faster with wise string choice!
11:30 - How to make your chord changes sound AMAZING using the power of root notes.
17:51 - How to make your strumming sound more professional & interesting using string grouping.
22:33 - How to make ANY CHORD EASY TO PLAY using stepping-stone chords.
27:43 - How to NAVIGATE AROUND THE FRETBOARD quickly using springboards (pro tip).

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